Simogo San Francisco Awards 2012

Best Hosts And Coolest Persons All Around:
Daniel & Emily!

Friendliest Persons:
Jonathan & Sean of Lucky Frame (Do check out their lovely little toy Pugs Luv Beats for iOS)

Funniest Person:
Rhodri from Dakko Dakko (we got a sneak peek of his upcoming game Floating Cloud God Saves The Pilgrims – Very promising!)

Most Crowded Place:
The IGF Booth

Best Smoothies:
Jamba Juice
(Honorable Mention: Cold Stone)

Best Food:
Umami Burgers

Weirdest Place:
The China Resturant on the 6th floor that seemed to be stuck in the 70’s.

Most Frequently Showing Up Out Of Nowhere And Spontaneously Joining Up For Beer:
Fredrik from Southend.

Coolest Prototype:
The weird basketball thing by Matt (creator of Trainyard!)

Best Dinner Arrangement:
Phill (designer of our favourite to do app Clear)

Game That We Would Be Totally Okay With Winning The Best Mobile Award Instead Of Beat Sneak Bandit:
Async Corp Download it now!
(Honorable Mention: Faraway)

And last, (but definitely) greatest:

The Grand Simogo Happening Award:
Winning Best Mobile Game in The IGF!