About Simogo

Simogo was founded in 2010, by Simon Flesser and Magnus “Gordon” Gardebäck. Simogo is a portmanteau of our names (“sim” and “go”) and the Swedish word “och”, which means and. We don’t have titles, but Simon is responsible for more visual and design things, while Gordon is responsible for the more technical bits, such as programming and administration. Our small office is located in a scruffy backyard near the train station in Malmö, in the very south of Sweden.

Our earliest games were mostly created by the two of us only, and were mainly released on iPhone and iPad. Formally, Simogo is still just the two of us, but we’ve worked with the same great people over many years, and projects: Magnus Jensen (full time programmer), Jonas Tarestad (story/narrative), Daniel Olsén (music/sound/additional art), Jonathan Eng (music), Linnea Olsson (music), Åsa Wallander (2D art/graphic design/project management), and Carl Karjalainen (technical art/character modelling/animation). Nowadays, we make games for different platforms, such as PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox.

We are notoriously bad at responding to e-mail, but you can still try to e-mail us at info at simogo dot com.

We do currently not offer internships, and have no open positions. We are, however, always happy to see unique work, and who knows what the future holds?

Östergatan 21
211 25 Malmö