16GAMES – The Punk Retro Game That Was Not Meant To Be

Do you remember the blog post we did about one of our abandoned projects, called Tree?
Guess what? We have some more projects that never went in to full production, and they serve no use in just lying about. So, without further ado – may we present:

16GAMES was a pretty neat little 2 button punk thing that we sent in to the Nordic Game funding programme to try and score some fat cash. But, as you might guess we didn’t get any funding and we sort of fell out of love with it so we ended up making Beat Sneak Bandit instead (which seems like a pretty good thing, looking back).

To get the basic idea, here’s the short description from one of our 16GAMES documents:

A lot of games have offered a range of minigames and some even choose to throw them at the player at a high pace, such as Wario Ware. 16 games in unique in that it offers all it’s minigames at the same time, and takes the concept of multitasking to a new level. With a set of extremely simple minigames that are all played like old LCD games, everyone should be able to pick up and play 16 Games. With a presentation that mixes retro visuals with a punky soundtrack, we believe a unique atmosphere is communicated as well.

And here’s the 2 page pitch document (click to view in full size!)

Screenshot mockup:

We actually started producing art assets, check out this sprite sheet:

Finally, we did a lot of music tests for this one. Some tests are very classic chiptune things, will others are a bit more trashy. The plan was to put raw fuzzy guitars on these, to emphasize the punky attitude of the game. Download and take a listen:

Simogo – 16games – test 1
Simogo – 16games – test 2
Simogo – 16games – test 3
Simogo – 16games – test 4
Simogo – 16games – test 5
Simogo – 16games – test 6

And that’s about it.