We had the most amazing week in San Francisco. We’ll do a round up of pics and stuff that happened over there, but just in case you missed it: Beat Sneak Bandit won the award for Best Mobile game in the Independent Games Festival! This was super overwhelming and … Yeah. Our minds are blown and we’re not sure it actually happened or if it was some weird fever dream caused by the flu (aka the gdc plague) that a lot of people (including Simon) caught over there.

Check out these cute dudes giving their much unprepared speech:

Skip to 25 minutes in if you only want to see us:

4 thoughts on “Bandit = IGF BEST MOBILE GAME!”

  1. Congrats! *clapclap* I love how you walked up on the stage.

  2. Congrats guys! BSB was fantastic and you deserved it. Just with three games, your are already one of my favorite devs (not just on iOS, generally). Eagerly awaiting your next game.

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