Sometimes it’s nice to get away from the computer and get inspired by art books.
Just like this super creative guy:

3DS is here!

Today there will be none of this silly thing they call “work”. The 3DS is here!

We love it!

Here are the Simogo Mii’s:

Just scan those QR codes in the Mii Maker to get your own Simon and Gordon Miis!

And if you are here for Bumpy Road news we can tell you that everything is going according to plan. We’ve been adding new secret cool stuff that’s not in the trailer.

Have a nice weekend!

Kosmo Spin – Swedish casual game of the year!

So we took this little trip to Stockholm to go to dataspelsgalan.
A very nice evening, met lots of nice people and most importantly – Kosmo Spin won Swedish casual game of the year. Yeah!

“In this case it seems that the universe is actually spinning around earth, and more specifically around Malmö and this years winner – Kosmo Spin.”

Help Japan, get a game.

In the wake of the recent devastating earthquake/tsunami in Japan, and iPhonegamerUK have teamed up with a lot of game developers to spread the word about donations.

Follow Appsjp or/and iPhone Gamer UK on twitter and retweet their message about donations, and you’ll get the chance to get a free game.

For the money you save you can make a donation. One of the games you can get for free is Kosmo Spin.

More details here:
iPhone Gamer Uk

Kosmo Spin contest winners!

These lucky persons have won themselves a fine little fuzzy Nod.
In no particular order, since they are all great:

Tomas made this fantastic Kosmo Spin bento.

We’re always sucker for something hand drawn. Bruce sent in this one:

Clipart cartoons – Why aren’t there more of those? Ida made this and we love it.

Selma is by far the youngest of the winners . She’s only 4 months old. Dear Mr. UFO always gets her in a good mood! Cutest ever:

That’s all.

or is it?


Somehow the last fuzz Nod managed to sneak itself over to

So, In collaboration with Loading we present the last winner.
The goal was to send in a Kosmo Spin worthy breakfast. Here’s Linus yummy looking breakfast:

Thanks to everyone for the contributions!

Simogo presents Bumpy Road

It’s time! This is what we’ve been working on since January:

Bumpy Road – A love story on four wheels for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac!

Check out the trailer:

So what is Bumpy Road? It’s a game and a story about a loving couple in their autumn years that decides to go for a ride in their car, just like in the old days.
You can change the landscape and create bumps by touching the screen, to bounce the car around. So it’s kind of a platformer, but not a platformer at all. Or something like that. Anyway – It’s lots of fun and we hope you will think so too.
This time we’re also including more of a story element… But more on that at a later date.

Some pics!

Click here to head over to the game’s minisite to read more and check out some screens!

Contest reminder

Just a little reminder for our “I Love Kosmo Spin Contest”!

This is what you need to do:
Show your love for Kosmo Spin in a creative or fun way!

How? We’ll that’s for you to come up with. Make a Kosmo Spin painting, take a photo of yourself in your Nod cosplay dress, make a Kosmo Spin fan game, sing a tribute song, name your first born Nod, choreograph your own Kosmo Spin dance – You name it! Be creative!

Just submit your entry to:

before March 7th, 2011.
Good luck!