3DS is here!

Today there will be none of this silly thing they call “work”. The 3DS is here!

We love it!

Here are the Simogo Mii’s:

Just scan those QR codes in the Mii Maker to get your own Simon and Gordon Miis!

And if you are here for Bumpy Road news we can tell you that everything is going according to plan. We’ve been adding new secret cool stuff that’s not in the trailer.

Have a nice weekend!

3 thoughts on “3DS is here!”

  1. I’m trying to hold off on buying one until Ocarina of Time comes out… that and I have no choice because I’m poor at the minute LOL… damn bills :(

  2. Pulled some strings, got a 3DS!! (^_^)

    Adding your Miis was one of the 1st things I did lol.

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