Currently, we are working on our next project. These are some of the things that serves as inspiration for this game:

Oh and this, definitely this:

As mentioned earlier on this blog, it’s arcade game about road trips, terrestrial morphing and true love.
It should not be too long untill we can show you something.

Simogo in Level #58

Check it out – An interview with 50% of Simogo in the latest issue of Sweden’s finest gaming magazine Level.
“En riktig mjukis” is roughly translated to “A real softie”…


A review of ilomilo (You know that little game on XBLA that we worked on)! It’s also one of Level’s “Most Played” this month. 8/10, which (as you can see) makes it as good as Inazuma Eleven (which I am so buying this Friday when it releases in Europe – Level 5 ftw!)