Kosmo Spin update is live on App Store!

This is pretty nice to wake up to:

Yes! It’s true. The Kosmo Spin update is now live!

Here’s some of the new stuff:

Here’s the goodies:
– 12 brand new Quests!
– 5 fresh out of the oven Game Center achievements!
– You can now post your high score and progress to Facebook!

We also made some small fixes that you’ll hopefully like:
– New icon!
– Choose your page browsing style: Swipe or tap – Arrow buttons added on the Quests menu.
– If you happen to be offline when you get an achievement, it will now be posted the next time you go online on Game Center.
– Swipe on Quest menu is now more responsive.
– Added a hourglass when multi tasking, so there is no confusion to whether the game is loading or not.

… And some stuff is hopefully forever gone:
– Bad spelling and grammar in some of the Quests.
– Evil bugs!

On top of that, the App Store description is now available in a lot of different languages, so everyone can understand what the game is about before buying.

We think this is a nice little package of stuff and we hope you think so too!