2011 – We’re back!

We’re back in the office! Yay!

So what’s up?
– Waiting for the update of Kosmo Spin to get approved (c’moooon Apple!)

The Next Game that we showed you some blurry concept pics of here will actually turn out to be The Game After the Next Game or maybe even the 4th game. So, the retro punk speed thing will just have to wait in the oven a bit more. What are we doing instead? ->

– We’re working on our next game codenamed: Bumpy Ride. It’s an arcade game about road trips, terrestrial morphing and true love. Hoping to show you something in January, but we won’t promise anything.

– We’re also working on a cool little Kosmo Spin related thing. It’s not an update and it’s not a game.

2011 is going to be smashing!