Crazy week

Sorry for the lack of updates, people!
It’s just been such a crazy week. We’ll try to do a round-up of what’s happening next week. Ok?
As an excuse, please accept this picture of Gordon’s living room office:

The Little Car That Could

What a crazy day. First of all – THANKS to everyone who’ve supported us.
A little round-up, perhaps?

Things were looking dark when we saw that all of the big publishers were releasing games on the same day as we. But then this happened:
Bumpy Road is iPhone Game of the Week in App Stores pretty much everywhere in the world. This made us do a long and intense happy dance. So crazy. It’s climbing in it’s way up the charts and is at the moment #41 in all paid iPhone apps, #26 in all paid iPad apps in the US. It’s climbing just as steady all over the world. Pinch us!

We got some really nice reviews as well. Here’s some of of them:



Loading (Swedish)



Touchgen Editors Choice

Geeks finest

Bonus: Interview in Italian!

Some qoutes from reviews and players:

While Bumpy Road is indeed a solid high scoring game, it’s the peripheral elements that transcend it from being merely a well-made video game to an unforgettable experience. I’m a strong believer that games can have a soul, and I can feel the love in Bumpy Road with every tap of the touch screen.

…if you like high scoring games or touching works of art, then you won’t want to miss Bumpy Road.

And just when you think, you’ve seen everything, a game like Bumby Road comes around the corner.

It’s always a great thing when the controls themselves can put a smile on your face.

My wife bought me this app as part of my wedding anniversary present – 15 years of marriage – Having played it I can’t think of a more appropriate game to be playing today…

… playing it means feeling love, not love for the designers or the medium or the state of being meaningfully distracted or the sense of communion with everyone who does this or even the game itself, but love. The feeling of love.

…it has a real soul, and i’m a huge sucker for games with soul.

I’m happy to be alive, so I can play this game, dad

did that game with the cartoony look come out where you were in a buggy or some shit? it looked sort of old-timey?

Frequently Asked Question

We get this question a lot. And frankly – we don’t want to answer it until we are super duper, 500% sure it’s released on the planned date. Star alignment and all that.

But it is coming out soon, like really really soon, and we promise you to let you know the second we know ourselves!

Over and out.

First fan art is here

Sorry for the lack of updates.
We hope this absolutely fantastic pieces of Bumpy Road fan art can make up for this:

By the talented and handsome Erik Zaring of Cockroach Inc
(do check out their pretty amazing adventure game the dream machine, by the way)

And this is from one of our testers’ 7 & 1/2 year old boy:

He’s also responsible for this amazing quote:
“I’m happy to be alive, so I can play this game, dad”

Ok. Back to work so we can get that game out of the house.