Bumpy Road is now available for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch!

We are super happy and slightly freaking out – Bumpy Road is out in the wild! Take good care of our baby.

6 thoughts on “Bumpy Road is now available for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch!”

  1. I just bought the game, it’s absolutely adorable!You guys are an inspiration , i am currently working on my first game and have fallowed your progress closely , it’s always nice to see great games getting the appreciation it deserves.Great job guys!

  2. Bought the game! Just like Kosmo Spin, it’s a great game, with gorgeous art style and simple yet fun and addicting gameplay. Good job!
    Also, can you make a wallpaper for the iPhone with the game’s art? really liked the other one and used it for a while.

  3. This is a beautiful game. Thank you so much for creating this. I cried tears of joy at the end.

    Keep being awesome.

  4. Also, i have over 100 evergreen rides in two days. I love this game!

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