It’s been quiet on this blog lately, but that isn’t because there isn’t anything happening here at Simogo.


So, a quick update on what’s happening, where we are going, and what we have been doing.

Between The Sailors Dream and The Sensational December Machine we made a little prototype which we have been toying around with in different forms. We’re not sure if it will ever become a full game, or even be released, but it’s fun and we’ve been working on it on and off in a few different shapes since late last year. We’re not working on it actively at the moment.

We are working on two other things very actively, though! Both are projects which allows us to revisit two previous works of ours, but in two very different ways. We’re ready to show off one of them soon, but the other one needs to brew a little more before we can show it. We’re excited about both of them, and we’re having fun in exploring these universes in new ways.