Year Walk round-up!

Year Walk was released a few days ago, so we thought it would be nice to make a little round-up. The reception has been quite overwhelming, and all the kind words you have been sending our way means a lot to us.

Apple has featured the game in the App Store, and made it Editor’s Choice in a lot of English speaking countries! It peaked at 3 in the iPad overall charts in the US and is currently still in the Top 10! So nice!

Year Walk has currently got a metascore of 92 at Metacritic, which means that it is now the highest rated game of 2013 (together with Fire Emblem: Awakening, which was released in Japan last year). Be careful when clicking some of those reviews though if you haven’t played yet; some contains serious spoilers.

Here are some selected qoutes from and links to some of the spoiler-free reviews!

“An iOS game like nothing else you’ve seen on the format to date.
This is a brave and truly original work, and if this is what happens when Simogo explores its dark side, it should do so more often.”

Edge – 9/10

“Elegant and artful, Year Walk is an unmissable piece of work – and one that is surprisingly hard to disentangle yourself from once it’s done. You can close the app and put down the phone, but the forest may spread beyond its glassy confines, its spindly, silver-skinned trees taking root in your own home, your own dreams.”
Eurogamer – 9/10

“A game this distinctive, this different, this thrillingly new is the best possible demonstration of the format’s versatility; indeed, of the narrative power of the interactive medium. Simogo has made something very special here.”
The Telegraph – 5/5

“It’s a gripping, somber, atmospheric, and elegantly-designed game, and everyone should play it.

I’ve never played anything quite like it.”

Touch Arcade 5/5

“An incredible showcase for the potential of tablet games and will undoubtedly become influential over the next few years.”
CVG – 9/10

“Simogo has packed Year Walk with a hefty share of spine-tingling jump scares, but it’s these external trappings that cause the game’s lore to get under your skin and stick with you long after your phone or tablet has been turned off.”
Gamezebo – 4,5/5

“Year Walk is smart, thrilling, and absolutely stunningly crafted. It’ll throw you for a loop, leaving you transfixed to the screen until you shake out all of its dark secrets.”
Mac|Life – 5/5

“As with any good page-turner, you won’t want to put this game down until you get to the end. It’s quite a journey, too. Year Walk is a beguiling adventure, and a truly memorable experience.”
Pocketgamer – 8/10

Also, here’s a good interview with The Telegraph.
… And a nice article on The Verge

Thanks to everyone who bought the game and helped us spread the word about it.

You’re the best!