Year Walk is out NOW!

It’s true, but almost unbelievable. This thing we have worked on for almost 10 months is now out worlwide.
Thank you for being so enormously patient in your wait for this experience. We hope that it can live up to your expectations.

We know the urge can be strong, but we definitely recommend not watching any gameplay videos of Year Walk. Going in fresh is the best way to experience this game.

Try to not get lost in the woods. And don’t panic.

Happy year walking.

11 thoughts on “Year Walk is out NOW!”

  1. Bought first time & beat the game. I have to say it was the most unique experience in my gaming history. Bravo and love you guys!

  2. Hi guys.
    I’m really enjoying the game.
    Couldn’t find anywhere an explanation about the login option in the companion app.
    Could you clear that point out?

  3. Ok, this look absolutely fabulous! Please, please tell me you will release it for Android as well?

  4. I love…
    …the graphics!
    …the atmosphere!
    …the mechanics!
    …the gameplay!
    …the look of the forest in spring! :)

    Playing Year Walk felt like video games used to in my childhood.
    Looking forward playing your next game!

  5. @Ziv Kitaro That is a secret that you will soon find out in the game.

  6. I love it… I am completely lost rigth now… Kisses from Brazil!

  7. Just finsged it, favouritebgame by you guys yet, never stop making games please :3

  8. It is a wonderful game folklore meeting f***ed up. More of these games please.

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