Inspiration for GAME3

Here’s a bunch of stuff that is really inspiring to us for our next game that we are working hard on! It’s probably our biggest project yet.

We’d love to say that we’ll reveal everything soon, but it’s a little bit too early, so don’t hold your breath!


First of all – BIG HUGE GREAT MEGA THANKS for all of your fantastic support.
We’ve now (almost) sold 100 000 copies of Bumpy Road, and we definitely think that calls for a celebration!

So this week, September 21st, 22nd and 23rd we’re having a sale on Bumpy Road! For the tiny, almost invisible, price of 0.99$ / 0.79€ / 0.69£ the love story on four wheels can now be yours!

Already bought it and feeling super generous? May we suggest that you use the App Store gift feature to give away this little piece of videogame culture to someone you hold dear? Of course, you’re free to just tell your friends that it’s now as good as free.

Already bought but still want a good deal? No worries. We’ve got you covered too. Here’s a little something on the house – The Bumpy Road soundtrack available for download!

Bumpy Road – Don’t Forget Your Hat, Dear
Bumpy Road – Evergreen
Bumpy Road – Countryside Drive
Bumpy Road – The Autumn Years

But, you know what? There’s more! The amazing, handsome and absurdly talented wearethemassacre is giving away the song that he created for our launch trailer. It’s elegantly and simply titled “Bumpy Road” and you should download it right now:

wearethemassacre – Bumpy Road

Again, we can’t thank all of you enough! All the great reviews and all your fantastic mails filled with kind words means the world to us. So once again…

Tree or The Game That Never Was

Not every game goes in to full production. Some are left on the drawing board, left and forgotten. Eventually they wither away and die from their lack of love and that’s when they end up on this blog.

In late 2010 we made this presentation for game with the project name “Tree”. This was supposed to be the game that we made after Kosmo Spin, but after some discussions we frankly just didn’t think it held up.

As we’ll never make this game we thought that it might be fun to show you the pitch presentation we made for it.

We also made two concept music tracks to get a feel for the audio in the game. So click either of these to have a nice soundtrack while watching the pics:
Simogo – Tree track 1
Simogo – Tree track 2

Allright! Sit back, click the presentation pics and enjoy.
(be warned, the language in these slides is cheesy and dorky, so that men in ties can understand the appeal)

Something old.

Back before Kosmo Spin we did some teaser pics for the game. These were posted on the Swedish website We just realized that these were never posted on our own site, since it wasn’t up and running at the time. Which means a lot of people have not seen them – So here you go! Click for larger versions!