Tree or The Game That Never Was

Not every game goes in to full production. Some are left on the drawing board, left and forgotten. Eventually they wither away and die from their lack of love and that’s when they end up on this blog.

In late 2010 we made this presentation for game with the project name “Tree”. This was supposed to be the game that we made after Kosmo Spin, but after some discussions we frankly just didn’t think it held up.

As we’ll never make this game we thought that it might be fun to show you the pitch presentation we made for it.

We also made two concept music tracks to get a feel for the audio in the game. So click either of these to have a nice soundtrack while watching the pics:
Simogo – Tree track 1
Simogo – Tree track 2

Allright! Sit back, click the presentation pics and enjoy.
(be warned, the language in these slides is cheesy and dorky, so that men in ties can understand the appeal)