Happy 200th

Bumpy Road’s endless mode called “Evergreen Ride” consists of these things we call segments. Think of them as small levels that automatically scrolls by.
The longer you play, the harder levels will appear.

We just finished the 200th segment of Evergreen Ride.
Here’s a few of them:


Because we have so many now, every session will be unique!

4 thoughts on “Happy 200th”

  1. Bumpy Road is looking so good guys! Any hints as to how much longer we’ll be waiting ;)?

  2. Can anyone tell me a price range, so that I may begin slaving over chores and whatnot to earn a feeble allowance to buy this game? :D

  3. Bruce: A couple of weeks.
    Rodolpho: We’re still deciding on price. There is quite a bit more content and stuff in this compared to Kosmo Spin.

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