Simogo presents Bumpy Road for Game Boy!

Today is a very special day – We’re super happy to announce Bumpy Road for Game Boy!

We’re huge fan of the original Game Boy and it’s fantastic monochrome screen, and this project is the proof of our love for the big old brick. Here are the first screens:

Working with the restrictions of 20 year old hardware have been difficult, but it’s been a really cool learning process. Let me tell you, making something look nice with only four colors at your disposal is harder than it sounds. And I’m guessing Gordon has got a few new grey hairs from coding in assembly language…

Another challenge has of course been to make the music with only four audio channels. Please have a listen to this music sample of the Bumpy Road theme:

Bumpy Road – Game Boy version theme (Right click to download)

So, now you’re wondering how to get this.
These are the options we are looking at now:
1. Physical cartridge. We’re discussing this with two factories at the moment. We’ll be needing lots of pre-orders to make this happen.
2. Getting it on the virtual console on 3DS. This makes so much sense, but we’re not sure on the big N’s stand on bringing new games to the service.
3. Offering the ROM for download on the site.

It’s going to be a bumpy road, but just hold tight and we’ll let you know how you’ll be able to get your hands on this black & white Simogo love child!

6 thoughts on “Simogo presents Bumpy Road for Game Boy!”

  1. So, did you make the screenshots with a camera or just intentionally painted everything green? ;)

  2. Hmm… if it was any other day I might’ve just believed it :D

  3. Bloody neat tune, I’m waiting for the dance tune mix, will be a hit at the bitpop clubs and scene.

  4. I’m gonna say 3.

    The screen fell out of my game boy with I pulled it out a couple of months ago O_o

    And 3 is faster, and good for viral marketing. People need to know about you guys!

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