Friday links & stuff

First of all, say hello to the newest member of the Kosmo Spin felt family by the amazing and talented Emma Lindberg!

Ok. It’s Friday! Kosmo Spin and Simogo has been covered by a few sites more, so here’s a round up of the latest stuff:

App Store Heroes – Simogo interview on Girl Gamers UK Review

8/10 In French

Pocketgamer Review We’re not the ones who can’t take critiscism. Pocketgamer is entitled to their oppinion. They’re also completely entitled to smell of old cheese.

And I have no less than two Russian links for you:

Minimapp interview!
Kanobu Review

In other news:
Work on the first update for Kosmo Spin is soon done.
You can look forward to 12 new quests, 5 new achievements and Facebook (and Twitter, maybe?) score posting. And other nice fixes.

… And what’s this? Another piece of fan art!? Yes, why yes, it sure seems so.

By the amazing artist Willy Bartels.

Weekend coming up. Phew!