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4/4 Must Have
Kosmo Spin is pretty weird, but it’s also ridiculously fun. The game hands you a whole bunch of busywork all at once, and it’s all so silly, you can’t help but get caught up in its strange simplicity.
Kosmo Spin is simple and fun for everyone to pick up and start enjoying, but it’s much tougher to put back down. The game is oozing charm with such a great style that you’ll just fall in love with. The survival mode and quests provide plenty to do, and it’s tons of fun with so much action, and such simple controls.

Girl Gamers Uk
I am finding it very difficult to say anything negative about this game. It has the quick hit, pick up and play nature that works so well on the iPhone, along with the cute looks and easy gameplay that will attract players in the first place. If you combine all of this with Game Center leader boards and achievements, and a price of just 59p, you could easily be looking at the next App Store hit. I suggest that you pick up the game now, before everyone else finds out about it.

The Gamer With Kids
Kosmo Spin is a fun, addictive game for the whole family. It starts off easy but gradually gets harder and harder but it never gets frustrating. In fact, the more you play, the more you want get better and better in order to get your score higher. It really is a hard game to put down once you start and it’s very easy to lost track of time playing it. I highly recommend Kosmo Spin for anyone who is looking for a unique, fun game that is high in replayability. This game is family friendly and suitable for all ages.

Kosmo Spin is an incredibly charming game. The cute characters and humorous text and dialog make it a joy to play.

Game Reactor
Lovely cute design, intuitive gameplay mechanics, feels original, rather addictive.

Graphic Award

We are happy to recommend Kosmo Spin, especially for families with small children. Harmonious, sweet and innovative! (in german)

И так во всем: по Kosmo Spin видно, что ее создателей, простите, невероятно прет от собственной работы. В больших играх такое бывает нечасто — а это важный момент.
Yeah, I have no idea either. But this is the first Russian review and that’s cool enough in itself. Also, Minimapp might be the best name ever for a blog.

And some video reviews:
NuRevu (iPhone)
NuRevu (iPad)
Appvideoreview (In italian. So I have no idea what he says. He might actually hate it.)

Swedish links:
Radio Speltorsk, Gästreview
iMan, Snurrigt rädda världen spel
Intervju på
Touched by dreams

And to round it up here is another amazing piece of fan art:

By Jacob Hartmann (here’s his blog posts about Kosmo Spin:
iOS gaming 1: Kosmo Spin
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