7 thoughts on “Year Walk is coming to Steam in early 2014”

  1. Excellent news, and I like how this version is a bespoke edition designed for PC and Mac.

    Very much looking forward to playing this on my Surface Pro 2, should look gorgeous in 1080p.

  2. Great news! A little idea: Since you’ve included the map, you’re giving the player some sort of possession to take along on the year walk. The map (or the companion) should include a little notebook as well, as for taking notes on which characters goes with which numbers, and so on. So the player won’t wont have to make these notes on a piece of paper, therefore “leaving” the game world. Just an idea. Great work!

  3. I hope you’ve also considered the PlayStation Vita, which does have both have touch controls and conventional controllers. I suppose it could be expensive to port for, and it has a relatively small install base, but I’d certainly buy it if it was available there.

  4. Thanks for making this happen! I’m extremely excited to finally get to play this. I’m even more excited about the changes and that the companion will be built in. I first learned about it through Giant Bomb. I was struck by the cold beauty of the art/design, creeped by the atmosphere, and intrigued in the lore. I’ve been very drawn to this game ever since. I was really disappointed that it was iOS only but that’s soon to change! Feel free to put up a pre-purchase option!

  5. Great news, would you suggest re-purchasing the game on PC, or does the iOS version already provide the same experience? Can we expect that you’ll update the iOS version?
    *also “If the hint is to cryptic” I guess you meant “too”…

  6. Excellent: with the new gen iOS hardware: could you update the iOS version too with more detail and companion integration?

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