Top 10!

Simogo is one of the top 10 game developers of 2013. So says Gamasutra:

The Top 10 Game Developers of 2013

“These are the developers and studios that left their mark on this year in some shape or form — the leaders that the industry will be watching in the years ahead.”

How the heck did that happen?

4 thoughts on “Top 10!”

  1. YEAR WALK + DEVICE 6 (BEST GAMES EVER) = Game Developers of 2013 ;DD

  2. You’re going to be The Top 1 Game Developers of All Time!

  3. Year walk and device 6 are unquestionably my favorite games for iPad. They are both brilliant! When I beat device 6, I was so sad that it was over; so, I’d love to see more games like it. I’m excited to see what new games simogo will create in the future.

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