13 thoughts on “16GAMES – The Punk Retro Game That Was Not Meant To Be”

  1. That king. I’m sure I’ve already seen him somewhere.
    Somewhere, like… at the top of this very page! :)

  2. Nice concept but im not too fussed on this one.. The tree one however, would have been a huge hit. Beautifully unique like bumpy road and beat sneak. Can’t believe you abandoned it!

  3. really dig test3, duo505 vibe! cool to see these behind the scenes things, thanks for sharing.

  4. While Beat Sneak is fantastic, I really hope you pursue this project because it looks great! The tunes are perfectly suited as well…..as a child of the 80s I am rooting for the mobile device retro reimaginings to last as long as possible.

  5. Dear Jesus, this looks beautiful. Can but only hope this happens one day.

  6. That would’ve been a killer game. Would’ve bought it in a shot. Love the tunes too.

  7. This looks awesome.

    And, to add to the clamor, I would buy this.

    Hell, I would send my friend Jackson, or perhaos make a Grant to a Kickstarter fund, and I’m sure I’m not alone…

  8. Let’s make this happen. For real. Email us.

    Fork Parker
    Devolver Digital

  9. I’d love this with a freeplaymode where all games are constantly lit up, the music and sfx adjust to which games you seemingly try to be playing
    and you simply get handed combo chains and high scores for connects, juggling several games and slick handoffs from on to the other

    See if you wanna kick start it for 2$/player ? I’m in !

    Its sort of like 8bit Onlive. Zooming into those games for expanded gameplay would not be half bad either.

  10. This looks so fun, it’s like you’ve ground up a Warioware game into sparkly dust and blown it straight into my eyes! Do Want.

  11. This looks fun but it lacks the Simogo-style graphics/artwork I’m used to. I’m still hoping for Tree one day, that one encapsulates most of what I love about you guys.

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