Jonathan Eng about “Oh The Joy” & “Myling Lullabye”

The brief from Simogo for Oh The Joy was to write a folk song with vocals for the end credits, a song which would contrast with the tone of the game, and as such be a ballad with a beautiful and sweet melody. Ultimately it was intended to leave the audience heartbroken. The first demo for Oh The Joy was slow, reverby and piano based, and had lyrics about “winged men” instead of “a burning torch”. Simogo wanted to tone down the hymn-like feel, and also requested it to feel smaller in size. Simon’s feedback was that it should feel older, and “sound like there’s a little bastard sitting in a box singing out of a funnel.” I recorded the simpler final version with guitar and banjo in December 2012. The Seeger Sisters and especially “Oh, Watch The Stars” was a big inspiration for this song.

“Oh The Joy” – First Version

Myling Lullabye tells the story of a mother who has to leave her unwanted child to die. I wanted it to have the atmosphere of Swedish folk music, and the piano playing at the end is definitely inspired by the Jan Johansson album Jazz På Svenska. I’m particularly happy about the bridge in this song. It’s often easier to write a good bridge compared to other parts. It’s an opportunity to break free from the verse-chorus repetition. Coming up with a completely new element is often very welcome if you feel like you’re a bit stuck.