SPL-T Secrets

Inspired by games like Mario Paint, Wario Ware, and Mario Maker, we filled SPL-T with playful secrets, hidden features, interactions and minigames.

By holding the start button for a few seconds, you can play a completely separate mini-game, in which you have to balance a ball on a board, which gets increasingly smaller. Gordon is devilishly good at this, as he has an unusually low resting pulse. Shaking the device results in the entire game changing colors, while holding it upside down results in the colors inverting—touching the tiny frog on the how-to-play menu, will tell you about these secrets. You can even discover something resembling a story, if you just wait long enough on the separate how to play pages.

Reusing old songs from previous games was inspired by a game that is similarly filled with strange secrets; Pocket Camera, which also reuses songs from Mother.

When people around the internet started finding these secrets, they suspected that there were even more hidden even deeper in the game…