Simogo, Annapurna Interactive & the Future

Darlings. We have some very big news. After having worked together with our good friends at Annapurna Interactive on Sayonara Wild Hearts for quite some time, we realized that we really enjoyed making games together. So, we have agreed to continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

We’re still going to be independent good old Simogo here in Malmö, but just with a little more possibilities, and less compromises. It’s maybe a bit like getting married, we suppose. You dig eachother, so you might as well make it official. A promise to help out eachother to make more magic happen.

It means that future Simogo projects will be published by Annapurna Interactive, and it means that we can do things that aren’t possible for us to make by ourselves. It also means that we can work even more regularly with the composers and artists we already love to work with. It could, to sum it up, mean a lot of new fun and unexpected stuff for us, and you, in the future. It’s going to be wild and wonderful, and we hope you’ll be here to take the journey with us.

Now, if you excuse us, we must get back to working on our next game;
Project Fuzzy Optics.

Simon & Gordon