Simogo turns 7

We know we don’t say much lately. But, we’re still here and we’re still alive. Maybe a bit older, maybe a bit fatter, but alive, still.

And speaking of older: Simogo turns seven (7!!!) on this very day, so we just thought that we’d let you know that we’re alive, that you mean the world to us and that we are eternally grateful for all the support you’ve given us during these seven years.

We hope you’ll stick around with us, if not for seven more years, then at least until we show you the next wonderfully weird chapter of the Simogo saga. It’ll be a little while before we can do that, but hopefully it will be unexpected, surprising, awesome and worth the wait. This project’s been, and is, a wild big ride, with new and old friends, buttons and screens.

Meanwhile, we’ll soon start to roll out 64-bit ready versions of our iOS games, to make sure they’ll survive the transition to iOS 11. Keep an eye out for that.

So. See you on the flipside, sweethearts. You’re the best.

Simon & Gordon