Year Walk 最後の啓示

We know we’ve been awfully quiet. We’re working on a the next thing, but in the meantime, we have some very awesome news that we have been wanting to share for a while:

Nintendo is bringing Year Walk for Wii U to Japan!


In Japan the game will be known as Year Walk 最後の啓示 (Year Walk – Saigo No Keiji) which roughly translates to “Year Walk – The Final Revelation” (We’re completely in love with the sneaky little bird in the Japanese logo!).

Year Walk 最後の啓示 was revealed during the Japanese Nintendo Direct stream earlier, and is available RIGHT NOW. We’re very excited about Japanese Wii U owners being able to join players in Europe, America and Australia to enjoy the best version of Year Walk in their own language – with an awesome localisation by Nintendo! We had a great time working with the team in Japan.


And there’s one more neat surprise to this as well: Be sure to check out the official Japanese site, where you will find Bedtime Stories For Awful Children translated to Japanese.

Year Walk Bedtime Stories for Awful Children008

So, with this final version of Year Walk, created in Malmö, Wales and Kyoto, we finally close the book on the story known as Year Walk.

New adventures! 行きましょう!!