We are alive

Hi! Bonjour! Hallå för fan!


We are very aware that it has been very quiet from us lately, and some people have even asked us if we’re still alive. We are indeed alive, and we can assure you that the silence is because we have a lot on our hands. And just to soothe your worries, here’s what is happening at the moment:

We have not one, not two, but three projects in the making. While we can’t disclose exactly what they are yet, we can give you a little insight!

This is a videogame. We are making this together with our friends at Dakko Dakko, which is really exciting. We are wrapping it up right now, so an announcement shouldn’t be far off. This game is coming in 2015.

This is not videogame. But it’s related to one of the game-universes we have created. We’re making this with Johanna Meijer (illustrator on The Sailor’s Dream and The Lighthouse Painting) and Jonas Tarestad (writer on Year Walk, DEVICE 6, The Sailor’s Dream). Coming 2015.

This is very much a videogame! It’s too early to talk about what it is. Because of its scope, the project team has been expanded with an additional artist, Carl Karjalainen (you should totally check out his Snakebird soundtrack! And no, he’s not making the music for our project!). It’s not very likely that this title is coming 2015.

There you have it!