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The Island Mystery at The Twin Castles

A 18″ x 24″ reproduction of a cover for an unreleased paperback, found in large quantities in several boxes at an abandoned printing shop in Sheffield. The back cover describes the adventure of a cunning woman named Anna who wakes up on a remote island. A list of other titles such as “The Clue in the Stuffed Crocodile” and “The Talking Mannequin Cipher”, suggest that there were several “Interactive Mysteries” produced in what appear to be called the “HAT series.”

Simulation Area 1 & 2 Area Plans

We uncovered these curious 24″ x 18″ plans printed on natural matte paper onboard of Lily Christine, a fishing boat that mysteriously sailed ashore unmanned at Port Denison, December 2013. We’re not quite certain what purpose these plans serve, but they seem to outline some sort of operation by an organisation named HAT, and includes detailed floor plans and history for locations known as the Bear Bridge, West and East Castle.

While the plans themselves appear to be new, the history described hark back to the early 20th century, and one Arkwright family.