13 thoughts on “DEVICE 6 IS OUT NOW”

  1. I was waiting for that! Really exited before knowing Device6.

  2. Just finished it, loved it just as much as Year Walk.

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  3. I just finished the first chapter… MIND BLOWN!!! Love all your games.

  4. Like i told you by mail.
    You are inventing something completely new and unseen.

    This is the best thing i saw from decades.
    I’ll do my best to spread your masterpiece to everyone i know.

    My best wishes.

  5. Really loved the game… How/Where can we download the song by Jonathan Eng?

  6. So well done! Great way to tie in all sorts of media. Mind blown indeed! Also, definitely captured my childhood memories of the prisoner. Recommending this to everybody!

    “I am not a number! I am a free man!”

  7. Absolutely love it! This game/short story is nailing on the head everything that is right. Story comes first, and the story is awesome. The art and design combine so brilliantly.

    Seriously, this is incredible. You’ve managed to properly combine two designs – the graphic design of the thing/story with the interactive design of the application (if this is making any sense). Very inspiring :)

  8. I can’t play Device6 cause of my broken english. Whatever, I love the visual arts of your every game. Keep your way, you’re the best on iOS.

  9. Everything I’ve seen of this game looks incredible and as a writer I would love to see what you’ve done to the medium using interactivity.

    Unfortunately I no longer use any Apple products, so I cannot enjoy. I know you’re probably sick of hearing the question, but will you consider the possibility of an Android version? People on this side of the fence could really use some experiences like this instead of plants vs zombies clones.

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