Tokyo Indie Dance Party (with Year Walk + D6 music!)

Daniel’s live performance in Tokyo with Year Walk and DEVICE 6 music will be live streamed here!

Show is over, but it was all recorded, and it’s right here (Daniel walks on at about 4:30):

Other artists performaring are Motohiro Kawashima of Oh, Deer!, A_Rival of Street Fighter X Mega Man, Rekcahdam of Celestial Mechanica and Aliceffekt of Hiversaires.

2 thoughts on “Tokyo Indie Dance Party (with Year Walk + D6 music!)”

  1. Daniel did great. Sabaco has archived the video at

  2. Awesome! What time is it on at? (The time is probably really obvious or right above my comment or something but I wanted to comment to wish Daniel Olsén good luck anyway, so Good Luck Olsén!).

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