Still alive

Sorry for the lack of updates here; We haven’t had much to say!
So what’s happening here at Simogo?
Basically, we are working on GAME5. Our hope is to have the first chapter ready any day now. It’ll be what the suits call a vertical slice. A vertical slice is a small portion of the game that represents the final product. Unlike a lot of other studios this is usually what we do instead of creating rough prototypes. For us it’s more valuable to get a feel for what the game will feel like early on, rather than to try out loads of small rough different stuff.

Anyhow! It feels really good to have something new to work on. Once again it’s quite different from our previous games, but it has a lot of things in common with Year Walk. It’s strange (possibly the oddest thing we’ve done?), very story- and narrative focused, not very gamey at all and a bit puzzley. And it seems that the full Year Walk crew is reuniting… (But it’s not Year Walk 2!).

Hopefully production should be a bit faster than Year Walk. Excited to share more in the coming months.

Ok! That’s all for now!