Year Walk odds and ends

The production of our next game has started, and it’s all going rather well! Hopefully it will be a smaller project than Year Walk, but you never know with these things, do you? So, as we need to focus on GAME5, we thought that it would be fitting to close the book on Year Walk with the last part of the Year Walk “behind the scenes” posts.

Without further ado, here are the last things that we couldn’t fit into the previous posts.

Enjoy, and if you haven’t played the game CLOSE YOUR BROWSER NOW, THERE ARE SPOILERS HERE!
Oh, and make sure to click these to get super big views of them.

Random doodles and sketches


3D scenes


Scrapped puzzle

That’s it. Cheers!

Year Walk x 100 000

As we got back from GDC and San Francisco (which was amazing thanks to all the wonderful people that we met!) we got some great news:

Year Walk has now sold 100.000 copies on the App Store.
This makes it our fastest selling game yet.
To think that this step into the unknown would reach so many people is almost unbelievable to us. We’d like to thank everyone who got the game and give big virtual hugs to those of you who have gotten in touch with us about the game. You’re the best.

This is all extremely encouraging, and it makes us confident (and very happy) that there is room for creative and different things out there.
With that in mind we have now started work on GAME5, which will be our most experimental venture in the world of digital experiences yet.

Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for making Year Walk a success.