It is a new year and we are back in the office.
Time to look ahead of what is happening in 2013!

• We are more or less finished with the game Year Walk. There’s still some small stuff to do; Minor changes after play tests, bug fixing, polishing, optimizing, proof-reading – that kind of stuff!

• But just because the game is finished doesn’t mean the project is finished. There is still one part of the Year Walk puzzle missing, and we hope to finish this part up very soon. We won’t talk about it before we can show it to you, so please stay tuned! Anyway, we are definitely in the final stretch of the project. It’s going to be so nice to wrap it up, it’s the most ambitious thing we’ve made!

• Looking beyond Year Walk, there’s hopefully other exciting stuff happening. We have a prototype of the game that might end up as GAME5, but it all depends on how a few things pan out.

Let’s get to it then!