ilomilo plus is out now!

This has been a very busy year for us. Just after finishing Beat Sneak Bandit, we helped our friends at Southend by providing new art for two new chapters, new cubes and creatures for the deluxe Windows8 version of ilomilo, called ilomilo plus.

Guess what?
Out of the blue, the game is released. Huge congratulations to the team at Southend!
If you have a Windows8 device (yeah, we know), you could potentially be playing RIGHT NOW!
Get it here!
Supposedly, you can play with touchscreen, controllers OR gamepad! How about that!

The thing that we think is especially nice about ilomilo plus is that these new chapters concludes Ilona, Milton, Saffron and Kalliopes story. And if you look very close, maybe there are some familiar faces if you’ve played another little game about photographs and memories…


Simogo history in motion

Here’s something for a lazy Sunday:
We just created a playlist of every video we’ve uploaded to Youtube – From the humble (but very ambitious) beginnings of the CGI Kosmo Spin announcement trailer, to the eerie Year Walk teasers.

Just hit play to see some Simogo history in motion:

Year Walk Road Trip

Yesterday we headed out for a road trip in the south of Sweden together with Jonas to snap some last photo references and get some final inspiration for Year Walk.

On this appropriately gray and foggy day we visited loads of churchs, cemeteries, ruins, odd and sometimes creepy villages and ventured out on a wild goose chase for a windmill only to learn that it had not existed for at least 12 years according to a local resident. Other highlights included ingestion of a rather lovely shrimp sandwich at a small café in a village, a stop by a weird tower that apparently was a kiln built about 120 years ago, as well as a constant fear to get shot by hillbillies while trespassing on their property.