Simogo Midsummer Geometry

We had these made some months ago:

And now figured that maybe this is something you’d want too! So we’re offering them right here as super duper hi-rest PNG’s if you click these previews. You can do whatever you want with them: Print them and pretend they’re record covers like we’ve done, expand them to make nice desktop wallpapers or maybe even use them as a pattern for a nice Simogo themed dress for your dog.

Kosmo Spin

Bumpy Road

Beat Sneak Bandit

We’re taking a day off on Friday, because it’s midsummer eve. Nowadays in Sweden it’s mostly about eating herring and getting drunk with friends, but in the old days it was an important night – Even though we feel that new years eve or christmas eve are more appropriate for certain mysterious activities.
Take care and don’t get lost in the dark.

This and that about GAME4

As you might know we are hard at work on our next thing.
While we are not ready to reveal it yet here’s just a little report on some things about it:

It’s been in full production for 2 1/2 weeks now and it is indeed coming along well.
We made a prototype quite some time ago to test out a new control method.
We are collaborating with some good old friends on this project to make it happen!
We are getting help within the anthropological field.
It’s not level based and it is not endless.

Is it a game?
If you want more info about all of this you’ll just have to search around for it.

Ok, we have to get back to work
Happy New Year/Merry Christmas
(If you break the rules, there will be consequences)