Back & Let’s go!

We had some lovely days last at Nordic Game Conference here in Malmö, met old friends and made new ones!

But now we’re finally back in the office and we’re excited because today production of our 4th game started!

Simogo! What have you been doing all this time!? You finished that Beaty Sneaky Bad-nit game thing in February didn’t you!?

Actually, we’ve been doing a lot of stuff:
– We went to San Francisco for GDC and won an award. Nothing big.
– We’ve been doing a prototype of this project, that started today.
– We’ve made ANOTHER prototype for a secret thing that might or might not happen.
– We made that little Simogo’s Lost & Found video
– We released Bumpy Road for Mac and PC!
– We made some contract work for a non-Simogo game, that’ll hopefully be revealed in a not so distant future.
– And a little bit of this and that, stuff that also takes time.

Simogo! Before you leave, tell us something about this project your working on!

Ok. Let’s go!