Bumpy Road now available for Mac!

History in the making – Simogo’s first non-iOS release!

And it turned out very nice! Here’s some of the stuff that is new or different in the Mac version:
– Game runs in all kinds of resolutions and aspect ratios, and it looks especially lovely in widescreen (check out how we added a bit of more space in the Memory Lane room!). It’s very yummy in high resolutions on big screens!

– It’s of course controlled with a mouse and not the touchscreen. We’ve also added support for bumping with CTRL, SHIFT and SPACE, which is kinda nice when you’re playing with a touchpad on the laptops (although we do recommend playing with mouse!).

– You can change the mouse cursor to an icon that suit your taste!

Check out and clickwicky pictures below to see how nice the Mac version looks!

All right! That’s it. Run to the Mac App Store and get it now!

4 thoughts on “Bumpy Road now available for Mac!”

  1. Are you gonna do a release on Steam for PC too? already played the game on iPhone but want to try it on a bigger screen.

  2. We wanted that too but the Steam guys rejected the game :( Coming for PC anyway but not via Steam.

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