We’re super happy that our next game can finally be revealed!

A rhythmical stealth puzzle game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad called Beat Sneak Bandit!

IGN has got the full exclusive scoop on the game, so head over there to watch screens, read the hands-on and whatnot!

Here’s the trailer!

And some screens! Again… Head over to IGN to see more screens.

Beat Sneak Bandit is Simogo’s next game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!
When all the clocks in the world are stolen by Baron Von Clockface and the world is in chaos, it’ll be up to the Beat Sneak Bandit to steal them back. Sneak to the beat to infiltrate the bizarre clockwork mansion and avoid patrolling guards, security lights and other dangers!

It takes both cunning and rhythmical timing to solve the puzzles. Listen and watch the rhythms to learn the patterns, then tap to the beat to sneak and figure out how to get every clock on the level by timing your steps correctly. But be careful – if your taps are off beat, clocks will self-destroy!

Coming early 2012 and will possibly feature a talking frog.

Expect more info soon!

6 thoughts on “BEAT SNEAK BANDIT”

  1. You guys are really a fresh and creative inspiration to game making. Keep it up!

  2. I can’t wait for this game c:
    And also… Where did you guys come up with Simogo?
    I was just thinking… Simon + Gordon = Simogo

  3. @Tony
    That’s correct. It’s very hard to come up with a good name and we wanted it to be unique as well. After several weeks of discussion we came up with a simple name combo and it turned out to be totally unique :D

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