1 Year with Simogo

Simogo has soon been around for one year. Can you believe that? Time sure flies. We thought it might be cool to do a little round-up of what’s happened and what we’ve accomplished during this year. Here goes!

Kosmo Spin
– In December 2010 we released our first game – Kosmo Spin!
– Kosmo Spin was named Swedish Casual Game of the Year at “Dataspelsgalan” and was nominated for Best Nordic Handheld Game in the Nordic Game Awards.

Bumpy Road
– We released Bumpy Road in May 2011.
– Bumpy was Apple’s game of the week in the App Store when released.
– The game got insane reviews: 9/10 on IGN, 5/5 on Toucharcade, 4/4 Slide To Play, 8/10 pocketgamer…
– Sales have been good and we can finally make a living out of making our own games!
– We released the Sunday Trip Deluxe update for Bumpy Road in June.
– We’ve wrapped up The Autumn Years Update – it will be out soon!
– A Mac version is in the making!

Random stuff
– We’ve made 95 blog posts (well, 96 if you include this)
– Gordon has consumed 7000 litres of instant coffee (rough estimate)

The Stuff you didn’t see
– We worked on a pitch for a digital picture book.
– We made a GPS app thingamabob with some small gaming elements.
– We’ve toyed around with several pitches. “Tree”, “16Games”, “Scroom”, “Emma & the Topsy Turvy Toad Tower”, “Halma”, “Ghost Story”, “Human Rope”, “Is it spring” are some of them.
– A console version (with some nifty exclusive features) of Bumpy Road was planned together with a publisher, but it looks like it isn’t happening now. The upside of this is that we can use those ideas for our own stuff now! And we can do what we enjoy most – new and original games, without the interference of evil men in ties.

So now you’re asking, how are we celebrating this year of absolute creativity and brilliance? By making our first baby Kosmo Spin free for a couple of days. That’s right. FREE. Clicky clicky and Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “1 Year with Simogo”

  1. Happy Birfday Simogo!Thank you for your amazing games. I wish you the best, and hope to see many many many more games from you guys.Stay away from the evil men in ties.My birthday is in 2 days also so summer babies are the best LOL. Love your work. Now onward to the Simogo Shuffle woooooo.

  2. Happy Birthday!! Look forward to what the future brings.

  3. That’s a lot of great stuff for merely one year! Congrats guys and keep it up, I’m sure there’s still plenty to come :)

  4. I love you guys and wish all the best in the future.

    Ja, må han leva!
    Ja, må han leva!
    Ja, må han leva uti hundrade år!

  5. I love your work. Seriously, screw the men in ties who try to make money off of your brilliance. Keep writing your own stuff. I’ll keep playing it!

  6. hi Simogo!
    Great work! i Love your games!

    I am a developer from hugary and would like to ask what do you think what was the reason of sales difference of the two games?

    In this post you only notice good sales for Bumpy road but I think kosmo spin is a brilliant game too! :-)

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