Bumpy Road Touch Arcade preview

Touch Arcade just posted some impressions of our little game Bumpy Road. They seem to like it.

…after playing around with the game for the past few days I’m even more impressed with the mechanic in practice. It works just like you would expect it to from watching the video, and the springy response of the ground manipulation makes for an interesting take on platforming.

Touch arcades preview!

We’ve not shown you much from Memory Lane, so here’s a little something from Touch Arcade about that:

In addition, there are also special “memories” you can collect, which are photos that unlock in a gallery and tell you the life story of the couple riding in the car. There’s just something endearing about these characters and the entire game in general, and I find myself looking forward to learning more about their lives by collecting photos, which is a unique attachment to have for an endless-style game.


This is how the Bumpy Road icon looks on an iPhone.