Next game

– Hey Simogo how is the next game coming along?
– Very good.
– What is it about? Big fat weapons, blood, war and zombies?
– No. Here’s a hint:

4 thoughts on “Next game”

  1. This confuses me… It could be a 2D platformer, a racing game, a game about a guy oddly shaped like a car who likes to dive into ravines full of bacon… Oh the possibilities are endless! Oh and, I love the Borderworm. ;)

  2. “Odd Shaped Car Man – Escape from Bacon Ravine” is going to be Simogo’s masterpiece.

  3. This is literally hurting me, I’ve never been excited about an iOS game before, damn you Simogo! (^_^)

  4. Well, if it’s any help, your excitement excites us as much, Bruce :D

    There’s not a firm release date yet, but the first info/screens/trailer is actually not far off. Just hold tight another week or two, maybe?

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