Kosmo Spin – Release Date!

This just in:
Kosmo Spin will be available on AppStore DECEMBER 2, 2010!
That’s right – This Thursday! Tell your friends, your mom and (above all) tell your dog!
Price? $0.99 / £0.59 / 0,79€ / ¥115 / 7SEK!

You want to know how happy we are about that?

So happy that our toes frenetically started wiggling by themselves. Proof:

Simogo Winterland

Website update! Now this fantastic blog is powered by Word Press! Which means that Gordon no longer rules this blog with his big evil iron html fists. And there was much rejoicing.

This is what it looks like when you walk to the Simogo office a tuesday morning. It’s cold as fudge!

Big thanks!

Big thanks to Peter Ekstrand and Malte Olsson for letting us try out Kosmo Spin on their ancient phones!

The Guardian recommends Kosmo Spin

The Guardian’s Games Blog recommends Kosmo Spin as one of the 10 best new smartphone games for winter commuting.

It’s not out til early December, but I had to include this lovely, idiosyncratic puzzler from Swedish studio Simogo. You’re a character named Nod who must save a small planet, populated by breakfast cereal people, from invading aliens. A flying saucer orbits the world chucking down balls, and you simply run around the surface heading them back into space, while collecting the globe’s endangered inhabitants. The visuals are beautiful, skilfully applying the currently trendy handicraft look to create a look that’s part Little Big Planet, part Katamari Damacy. Gameplay-wise, the ultra intuitive touchscreen controls – just swipe the screen to spin the planet – will remind mobile veterans of Gamevil’s legendary NOM; but others will just enjoy the immediacy of the set-up. And the music is lovely too. The perfect time-killing treat for style-conscious smartphone owners.

Read the article here