The making of a DEVICE 6 poster

We found some sketches and mockups of the DEVICE 6 poster lying around, which we thought you might enjoy seeing.

After finishing DEVICE 6, Simon had fallen in love with vintage Nancy Drew covers, and we got the idea that it would be fun to create a piece of promotional art in this style.

We got in touch with the amazingly talented illustrator Junkboy, who agreed to help us out.

So, here you have the progress in a neat gallery, from Simon’s crude collage mockups (and the birth of the very Nancy Drew inspired title!), to Junkboy’s first sketch and final piece and the very same piece with logos and things added to catch that old-book smell feeling. We’ve also included the original photo from which we created the wallpaper you can find on DEVICE 6′s mini site.




And yes – this poster is still available on Fangamer, so head over there to get it. As is another DEVICE 6 poster.

Jonathan + Simogo

A tiny music announcement for you? Yes! Simogo troubadour extraordinary Jonathan Eng is composing and performing all of the music for our current project.


We’re very excited about it; doing this is something we’ve talked about with Jonathan since 2011, when Jonathan showed us a little tune that’d be perfect for a game. It only took three years, but that song has now found its home in this project.

Let us all celebrate by listening to some Jonathan Simogo tunes of past:

It’s also totally ok to head over to Jonathan’s page on LOUDR and listen to a few songs.

We can’t wait to show you what we have brewing. Soon!