App Store “Indie Game Show Case”

Back in the office! We’ve had a wonderful week at GDC (with an igf award being one of the many highlights), and we’ll try to do some kind of round-up post soon, but we quickly wanted to show you this:


App Store let us be the first to choose a couple of games we like in their new series Indie Game Showcase. An honour and no easy task; there are many more games we would’ve loved to be on that list. Anyway, do check it out, there might just be one or two games that you’ve missed!

Puzzle Cards instead of Business Cards


With the new look for our site, we felt now was a good time to get some new business cards. But, you know, business cards is a silly thing, so we thought we’d make something fun with it (and honestly, we’re not very business-y at all), so we decided to make Puzzle Cards instead of Business Cards.


The main idea with these cards is that we both have a set of two cards, with different puzzles, most of them requiring that you’ll use the two cards together, like a key for a cipher. So each puzzle is a little cipher for phone numbers, e-mail, web adress and names. We’ve placed them in tiny envelopes, and ordered a Simogo stamp, so it feels like a cute mini top secret dossier. We think these turned out pretty nice, have a look at the gallery below for more photos!


Welcome to the new Simogo site!

Long overdue, but here it is: The New Simogo Site! As you can see, we are no more blue, and all the old friends, such as Borderworm and Headermonkey are gone. They are… in a better place now.
Jokes aside, we didn’t feel the old site portrayed what we are making (and frankly it was feeling rather old…), and we wanted something that felt more timeless. What do you think?

We are still ironing out the last bugs, so please bear with us. If you see something odd, please, do let us know!

Big thanks to Victor for helping us out with the new site!