5 thoughts on “What’s up Year Walk steam”

  1. I recently finished Brothers A Tale of Two Sons on Steam and I think its handling of achievements is the best possible… Several achievements linked to optional ‘mini-puzzles’ within the game – for instance, SEMI-SPOILERS at one point in the game you find black rabbits running around a dead fire, followed by a sole white rabbit. You can take the white rabbit and drop it in the ashes, turning it black, and at that point the others start playing with it instead of running away. When you do so, you unlock an achievement. Said achievement’s icon and description subtly hint at what you need to do without giving everything away (I think it’s something like ‘Make the rabbits play together’) so you have to investigate, you can’t just go through the list and see a list of tasks to unlock them all.

    Of course I personally would have preferred to have this little moment be its own intrinsic rewards, without any extrinsic achievement reminding me that I’m playing a good ol’ videogame, and without any pop-up, but I guess if achievements must exist those are pretty clever. :)

  2. Really glad you guys decided on not making a straight up port and rather adapting it to the PC medium as it were. I am extremely happy that I will finally be able to play it on my PC and can’t wait to pre-order and see how it has changed. Thank you!

  3. At least you’ll be able to compete with Tengami which I believe is being released on Windows and OS X!

  4. By the way, would be brilliant if you could make the controls compatible with the multi-touch trackpads on MacBooks and the Magic Trackpad!

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