7 thoughts on “The Making of DEVICE 6: Art”

  1. This is wonderful!
    Keep up these unique games! When I play apps I almost NEVER get an interesting story. However, when you guys come out with an app, I know it will be a clever and amazing adventure. You don’t bombarde us with advertising or menus. Just a small fee, and enjoy! You are very unique in that sense. :)

  2. Your thinking process and ideas are amazing! I love to see changes and drops, or a new spark and what not. Keep up the great work! You have a lot of fans! :)

    Love the game,really stands out of others.And the making of it inspires me a lot.I have some game-making ideas but I don’t know how to begin with.So,would you guys give me some guides of starting a game project?Thanks a lot!!!!

  4. This game is absolutely amazing! You guys are incredibly creative. The story is amazing, the visuals are amazing, the sound effects are amazing. There’s honestly not a single thing I don’t like about this.
    I’d love to know more about how you came up with the puzzles.

  5. Great stuff! It’s wonderful that you take care to document the process and that you have the time, the energy and the will to share it :)

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