4 thoughts on “Still alive”

  1. Ehi, cannot wait for Game5!

    Well, Year walk is gamey and puzzley to me. So, I was wondering if G5 is more/less gamey than YW…

    But maybe having the surprise when the game is out is even better than knowing now… :)

    GoGo Simogo!

  2. Hey Simogo guys! I’m glad to hear that you guys are on new project. You know what? Simogo is the best mobile game studio! I love your games arts musics…. all of it! Keep it up guys <3

  3. Absolutely loved Year Walk, so I’m downloading Bumpy Road, Kosmo Spin and Beat Sneak Bandit right now! Love you guy’s work. Gorgeous. Please keep the creepy, dark, puzzely stuff coming. Absolutely incredible. 10/10. Love you guys.

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