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Simogo presents Bumpy Road

It’s time! This is what we’ve been working on since January:

Bumpy Road – A love story on four wheels for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac!

Check out the trailer:

So what is Bumpy Road? It’s a game and a story about a loving couple in their autumn years that decides to go for a ride in their car, just like in the old days.
You can change the landscape and create bumps by touching the screen, to bounce the car around. So it’s kind of a platformer, but not a platformer at all. Or something like that. Anyway – It’s lots of fun and we hope you will think so too.
This time we’re also including more of a story element… But more on that at a later date.

Some pics!

Click here to head over to the game’s minisite to read more and check out some screens!

Contest reminder

Just a little reminder for our “I Love Kosmo Spin Contest”!

This is what you need to do:
Show your love for Kosmo Spin in a creative or fun way!

How? We’ll that’s for you to come up with. Make a Kosmo Spin painting, take a photo of yourself in your Nod cosplay dress, make a Kosmo Spin fan game, sing a tribute song, name your first born Nod, choreograph your own Kosmo Spin dance – You name it! Be creative!

Just submit your entry to:

before March 7th, 2011.
Good luck!

Making of Kosmo Spin final part – The Name

Coming up with a name for a game is not as easy as it sounds. We wanted something that could be easily remembered and something that describes the game.

Kosmo Spin was known as Spin Planet for a long time, but since we are PRETTY EFFING TIRED OF “OMG IT LOOKS JUST LIKE LITTLE BIG PLANET!111!!ONE!!” we decided to come up with something else. Here are some of the suggestions…

In Sweden cosmos is spelled with a K, so we thought it would be a fun little touch to go with K instead of a C. Plus, it makes for a nicer logo and it stands out as well.

… and I’m secretly a fan of Mortal Kombat 2. Yeah I know, I deserve a big Hadoken in the face.

Next game

– Hey Simogo how is the next game coming along?
– Very good.
– What is it about? Big fat weapons, blood, war and zombies?
– No. Here’s a hint:

Making of Kosmo Spin part 2 – Trailer!

We love making trailers and we think it’s a good tool to not only communicate gameplay, but the feel of a game too. The general attitude that a trailer can only be “here’s 1 minute of gameplay, some selling points and a music track, buy now thanks” is a boring one and makes a lot of game trailers feel like instruction videos.

A good trailer should of course contain some basic information about the game (that is, if it’s not a strict teaser to excite the viewer for what’s to come) – But we try to treat trailers like key art, something we can use to show off the soul, feel or attitude of the game.

When making trailers we try to think of a “hook”, something that will make the viewer remember it. The feel of Kosmo Spin is of course very silly and easy going, and given the space theme we thought it would be a fun “hook” to make fun of the conventions of sci-fi themed games.

The first rough storyboard.

A more detailed storyboard…

Moon render!

A light test.

Final space marine model.

Speaking of trailers – There might be one just around the corner for a new iOS game that we might be working on. Maybe.